You Can Paint Leather

Update or change the color of your chair or sofa

Do you have a leather sofa or chair that has some worn places or scratches? Did you know that you can paint leather and pleather with Fusion Mineral Paint?


The most important step in any painting project is PREP work. I know that prep is a 4 letter word, but it isn’t that bad! No one loves to clean but your paint project is only as good as your substrate (surface you are painting). Paint does not adhere well to grease, grim and dirt. Your paint will eventually chip off if you paint over grease, grim and dirt. In this case, clean your surface with a good degreaser as most furniture has grease from just natural wear.




I use Fusion’s TSP alternative (no phosphate) to clean the furniture I paint. It is sold as a concentrate. I clean a lot of furniture and this bottle lasts me a long time. I put a capful or two in a spray bottle and fill with water. I use a sponge with a scrubby side to clean and wipe back. I have found that this TSP easily cleans off that grease and grim build up. There is no phosphate in this cleaner. Phosphate can interact with primers and paint. As there is no phosphate, there is no need to wipe back the furniture with water to wash off all phosphate and it is environmentally friendly! 



After cleaning, I used a 220 grit sanding pad to lightly sand this piece. I wanted to make sure that all the little flakey, chippy pieces are off of the chair prior to applying paint.



Paint the first coat of Fusion’s Chocolate using a synthetic bristle brush. A thinner coat is better as it will make show less brush strokes. Allow this coat to dry.



Paint the second coat of Fusion’s Chocolate. The coverage was perfect, this project only needed two coats. I did wait 24 hours before letting anyone use the chair. A small amount of clear furniture wax can be applied to create a soft feel. After painting this piece, the leather felt soft and supply.  I did not apply wax to soften this leather.

























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