Vintage Stool Makeover

using Fusion Mineral Paint, drop cloth and a grain sack stencil


This adorable vintage stool has been given a fresh new look with Fusion Mineral Paint’s French Eggshell. 

*Cleaned well with Fusion’s TSP Alternative (no phosphate). This cleaner is great at removing grease and grim without leaving a residue behind. There is no phosphate which makes this cleaner environmentally friendly and no need to worry about any interaction between the cleaner and primer.

This vintage stool needed a good cleaning! Remember your paint job is only as good as your substrate (underlying surface).

*Scuff sand. This stool was painted years ago with an oil based paint. There is no need to use a primer between the oil based paint and Fusion (a 100% acrylic based paint) A scuff sand is all you need. 


I have been looking for a canvas fabric with the grain sack stripe on it for a while. I just couldn’t find what I wanted.


Problem solved! 
*Drop cloth from Home Depot or Lowes
*Grain sack stripe stencil from Funky Junk stencils 
*Fusion’s French Eggshell Paint




Stencil Process:

I cut out the seat fabric for the stool from the drop clothe. I did iron the drop clothe piece after it was cut out. 

I folded the item in half and used that crease as my guide for my stencil.

I did have to move the stencil once as it didn’t cover the entire seat.

I used a 1 in paint brush for stenciling the fabric.

I feathered out the end of the stripe so that when I moved the stencil, you would not be able to tell where the stencil over lapped.

Once the paint is dry, the fabric is attached to the stool.

TIP: Use very little paint on your paint brush when using a stencil. Once you put paint on the paint brush,  off load some paint on a paper towel/rag. To achieve crisp clean lines when using a stencil, It is best to have very little paint on your paint brush. If you have too much paint on your brush, the paint will bleed under your stencil.

































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