Vintage Low Boy Dresser Makeover

This makeover took some thought


The original piece was missing a bottom drawer. This piece was very dark and an awkward height. It was too low to be a desk or a table but too high to be a coffee table. I asked Bob if he could make the legs longer … and I got the ? because apparently that was not an option ??‍♀️ I was just asking. So…. can you then cut the legs down and make it into a coffee table. I at least got the ? on this idea! That response usually means somehow I can figure out how. 
When you look at the construction, wood and details on this piece… it is a beautiful vintage item! This one had too much character to just throw it away. So coffee table here we come!


*Cleaned well with Fusion’s TSP Alternative (no phosphate). This cleaner is great at removing grease and grim without leaving a residue behind. There is no phosphate which makes this cleaner environmentally friendly and no need to worry about any interaction between the cleaner and primer.

*Primed the entire piece with BIN primer because this one is mahogany. Vintage mahogany means lots of wood tannins that will bleed through the paint. BIN is a shellac based primer that will block tannins and seal them into the wood.

*Painted Casement white – inside & out and all around because you can see coffee tables from all sides 


*Top sanded and sealed with Fusion’s Stain & Finishing Oil in Natural 


*Bob cut the legs down & made it level







*Bob cut slats you make open shelving in the spot where there used to be a drawer. 







*Bob cut a piece of barn wood to add an overhang on the “back” of the piece. To create a coffee table, this piece needs to look good from all sides. Luckily we were able to match the color of the wood!

*Two of the drawers also needed new bottoms and had to be reconstructed. Bob was able to make the drawers sturdy again!




Lots of work & some imagination = vintage piece saved and updated!
























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