Use a Paint Resist to Create Chippy Layers

Using Fusion’s Hemp Oil


When painting certain pieces, often you want to make the piece look old. When creating an old chippy look, you always strive to create an authentic look. Fusion Mineral Paint has several products that help you create the perfect old, chippy, authentic look.




I started with this list of items:

  1. Fusion’s Crackle Medium
  2. Cabinet door
  3. Fusion’s Pebble gray
  4. Putty spatula
  5. Hemp Oil
  6. Fusion’s French Eggshell






Apply Crackle Medium to Substrate

I applied Fusion’s Crackle Medium to this cabinet board. I poured the medium on the surface and used a putty knife/spatula to gently spread it where needed.The crackle medium is applied to your substrate before you paint. It is a white liquid that will crack once dried. It takes about. 12 hours to dry. (2nd picture) If applied in a thin coat, you will get small cracks. If you apply a thick coat, you get larger cracking on your piece.




Crackle Medium

The picture shows the crackle medium applied to the substrate (door) and allowed to dry for 12 hours.

As you can see, larger cracking takes place is areas where the crackle medium was applied thick. The small cracks are in areas where the medium was applied a bit thinner. The strokes made to spread the medium are still visible. if you don’t want strokes to appear, while the medium is wet you can tap the board on a hard surface and allow gravity to smooth it out.

Try not to over work the medium, this will reduce the amount of cracking you will get in the dried product.




Apply layer of paint

The next step is to apply your paint directly over your dried Crackle medium.







 Apply Hemp Oil Randomly

Apply Hemp oil randomly to areas on your project piece.

A paint resist is an additional way to create an authentic, old, chippy look. A paint resist is applied in random areas of the project. When you paint over the resist, the paint does not adhere to the layer below. This allows you to easily wipe back those areas to reveal the layer below. A paint resist allows you to easily create layers of “old paint”.







Add Various layers of paint

Fusion’s French Eggshell was painted over the entire strip below.

The top section has crackle medium, Pebble and French Eggshell.

The second section has crackle medium, Pebble, and an area where Hemp Oil is applied and then French Eggshell painted over. This section has been sanded back with a 220 grit sanding pad to reveal different layers.

The third section has only crackle medium, an area where Hemp Oil is applied and then French Eggshell painted over. This section has been sanded back with a 220 grit sanding pad to reveal the white crackle medium underneath.


Fusion’s Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is easy to use. You simply pour a little in a bowl, dip a cheap brush or rag into the oil and spread it on in random areas.  Simply paint over the entire surface, including the hemp oil. Once the paint is dry, wipe the hemp oiled areas back with a rag or sanding pad. You can continue to sand the entire surface or just sand back hemp oiled areas.  You can repeat this process multiple times to add as many layers of paint as you wish.  The paint resist allows you to easily sand back to reveal the underlying color. When using no paint resist, sanding back can become difficult and you may sand through all layers of paint.

Fusion’s Crackle Medium is the base layer to this project. Crackle medium, once dry will not chip or flake off. It adheres well and is there to stay. Crackle medium adds an additional layer to this project while bringing in an authentic look and feel to the project.









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