Play Kitchen

Create a play kitchen from a closet storage unit



I have been wanting to create a cute little play kitchen but I couldn’t talk Bob into building one. We were helping clean out  furniture at a house when we found this piece. The homeowner asked us to take a look at this closet. This piece had been used as storage in a closet but it was headed for the trash unless we wanted it.

♻️ We always attempt to reuse or repurpose items we find, items we are given, or items we purchase.

Don’t throw it… ♻️ RECYCLE & repurpose Why?

♻️ This is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and save our current resources. 

♻️ Older pieces are built better than most items you find at the big box stores these days.

♻️ No new trees are harmed in recycling older furniture ? Save the ? 



As I was looking at this piece and it hit me… this could be a play kitchen! Yes we will take it!


First on the agenda, take off the doors and create an oven door. Bob used some left over wood and a glass panel salvaged from a china cabinet to create this oven door. The drawer front was taken off the top drawer and permanently attached to create a panel for the oven and burner knobs.






Next on the agenda, prime the entire piece with BIN primer. This is an older piece of wood furniture. Older wood furniture usually has tannins that will bleed through your paint. After the primer dries, I painted this one white with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Casement white.







I used Fusion’s Brushed Steel Metallic paint on the refrigerator and oven doors. I was trying to give this cute little kitchen a real kitchen feel.

Our son was remodeling a bathroom in his house, we used his old faucet as the kitchen faucet. In my sister’s storage building, we found old wire closet shelving for the refrigerator shelving and a plastic tub for the sink. I acquired old oven knobs from a neighboring business that sells used appliances.  Everyone was pitching in for this project.

Faucet installed. Hole cut and sink installed. Refrigerator and oven shelving installed.

I created stencils for the burners and the oven knob temperature dials with my Cricut Air 2 and painted those on.







 Adorable play kitchen complete

We were given this solid wood closet storage piece that we turned into a play kitchen. We were able to recycle items for the faucet, sink, shelving, and oven knobs. The only items we purchased for this project are paint, 3 handles and oven shelving. I love it when we can salvage an older piece and turn it into a fun “new” item!

























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