Pillow Shams on a Budget

DIY Sewing project


I have been working on a bedroom refresh. When I say working on, it is now going on 6 months since I started this project. What happens at my house is that all the other work projects get done first. The projects for my actual home, well they tend to take a back seat. A friend of mine said that she realized she was a 95%er! She will get 95 % of the project done and that last 5% seems to never get finished. I laughed because that is how I feel about projects that I want to do for my own home! Work projects get done quickly and 110%. Who else can relate?

Now I am trying to get some of that 5% done! I needed new pillow shams to match the new bedding.  I had 3 (24″ x 24″) Euro Pillow shams from my previous bedding. I did find 24′ x 24″ pillow forms on Amazon for $12/ea. I used my older pillow forms as I already had them on hand.  I wanted to add texture to my shams. I love all the pillows that use crochet fabric. I wanted some type of white crochet/sweater material pillows for the bed. My idea for a budget friendly way to achieve my vision, find a throw blanket at TJ Maxx to use for my pillows. I found a 50″ x 60″ throw for $16.99. The throw blanket would be enough fabric to cover the front of 4 pillows. I needed fabric for the back of the pillows. I found a 60″ x !02″ linen tablecloth for $10.00 for the back of the pillows.


I cut the front of the pillow form out from the throw. I cut a 25″ x 25″ square out for the pillow front. I added an inch to the fabric because I wanted to sew a 1″ frame around the outside of the pillow. If I had not wanted to sew a frame around the pillow, I would have just cut the front of the pillow the same size as the pillow form.
For the back of the pillow, I cut out two pieces from the tablecloth fabric. I used the same width of 25″. For the length, I needed overlap fabric. I added 6″ to the 25″ (= 31″) and then divided that in half (31 divided by 2 = 15.5″) The length of the fabric is 15.5″. So I cut out 2 pieces of fabric (25″ x 15.5″) for each pillow back.


Take the back pieces and iron over one edge to create a hem. Sew a straight stitch down this edge


Once you have sewn the hem, pin one back piece of fabric to the front of the pillow with right sides together. (right side of the fabric is the good side of the fabric). Sew an inch seam around the three outer edges of the pillow.





Pin the second back piece to the front of the pillow with right sides together. Sew an inch seam around the three outer edges of the pillow.





Turn the pillow case right side out and then sew a one inch frame around the pillow.





Insert your pillow form through the back envelope opening. This type of envelope pillow case is easy to make because there is no need to sew in a zipper or buttons for an opening. The back opening makes it easy to take out your pillow form to change out the pillow case or for washing your pillow case.

I am super happy with how the pillows turned out! I love the texture the throw fabric gave the pillows. I was able to make these pillows for $27 in total ($9/each). If you need to purchase the pillow inserts (I already had my inserts), I did find 24″ x 24″ pillow inserts on Amazon for $12-$14/each. If you need to purchase your inserts, the total cost per pillow would only be $21/pillow which is still an awesome price for custom pillow shams. When you are searching for fabric, think outside the box! Throws, blankets, sheets and many other items can be used for pillow fabric!


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