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Can you spray Fusion Mineral Paint?



Painting an older table & chair set is a great way to update your decor at a lower price point. When upcycling an older table and chair set, painting chairs can be labor intensive. Investing in a paint sprayer will make your chair painting project so much easier! 


Critter Spray Gun

The Critter Spray Siphon Gun paint sprayer is a very affordable option (*if you already own an air compressor). This spray gun is $41 on You need a 3/4 hp air compressor to run this spray gun. Many DIYers already own a compressor, so this product is a valuable addition to their tool inventory. 



What I like about the Critter Spray Gun

*Easy learning curve. You can figure this one out pretty quickly.

*Easy clean up. The paint is poured into a mason jar. The mason jar is attached to the siphon gun. When you are done, label & use the mason jar to store your paint. You only have to clean the siphon gun! 

*Minimal over spray. Minimal over spray equals less paint wasting. 

*No need to thin Fusion Mineral Paint. Just pour and spray. No thinning means less time figuring out paint to water ratio.

*Great for smaller projects.

Chairs are one of the items that I paint a lot and I always reach for my Critter Sprayer when painting chairs.  Chairs are very labor intensive to paint, especially when painting them by hand. A paint sprayer will save you a huge amount of time when painting chairs. Chairs have so many tiny spindles, nooks and crevices that are often hard to reach with larger spray guns.The Critter Spray gun is smaller, allowing it to fit into smaller areas and angles when doing chairs. When I use my larger spray gun for chairs, I waste more paint due to over spray and I find I tend to miss some of the finer details in the chair. TIP… when spraying your chair, start with the chair upside down. This will allow you to perfect your spray technique in a more inconspicuous area while also getting some of the parts you often forget need to be painted.



You can spray Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint sprays beautifully. The self leveling properties of this paint allow you to create a gorgeous finish when using a paint sprayer. I do not thin Fusion when using it in my Critter Spray Gun or in any of my larger paint sprayers. No thinning means less time figuring out paint to water ratio. I just pour the paint in and spray. It is advisable, especially when using a previously opened paint container,  to use a paint strainer to make sure there are no particles in your paint that will clog up your spray gun. Just put your paint strainer over your mason jar, pour the paint in, let the paint run through the strainer into your container and then spray. Always wear a respirator when spraying any type of product.


The biggest disadvantage is the Critter has a non adjustable, smaller spray area. Spraying large, flat surfaces with the Critter will take you longer than it will with some larger adjustable paint sprayers.

*I have not been paid in any way, by any company, to write this review.*

















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