Fun Easter Egg Project

These eggs look great in home decor

Quick little fun project!



*White paper eggs purchased from Oriental Trading Company. If I had wanted to use these as white eggs, the printing on the eggs would have been a problem. I had planned to paint these eggs, so the printing on the eggs is not a problem.



* Paint the eggs in your favorite Fusion Mineral Paint color.
I painted these eggs with Fusion Mineral Paint in Little Whale, Little Speckled Frog and Buttermilk Cream.
I painted one side of each egg, let it dry and then painted the other side of the egg.



*Next use an old toothbrush or paint brush with short bristles.
Dip the toothbrush in Fusion’s Coal Black. Flick the black paint onto the eggs.
This is the messy part.  I held the egg inside the cardboard box to contain the splatter when speckling these eggs with the black paint.



Pretty sure my hands got more paint on them then the eggs.





Eggs finished!

























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