About Us

Our Story

In 2022 we started growing flowers along with our vegetables. As the flowers quickly took over the garden. The flowers were a great source of joy for Shauna. A different creative outlet and less stress than the furniture painting. We were asked to grow the flowers for our son and daughter-in-laws wedding in June of 2023. We did it! That was a success! Soon we researched, took online classes and absorbed as much flower farming information as possible. The flower farming business is challenging. We set out with a holistic land approach to growing our flowers. We want to use the land wisely and increase soil health. We want to increase beneficial insects to combat the harmful insects. We aim to use only the water we need. Yet still produce beautiful flowers to sell.  

After we did our son and daughter-in-laws wedding in 2023, we had an abundance of flowers still growing. Bob built and installed the flower stand on the farm. 2023 was our first year selling retail flower bouquets from our self-serve stand. The flower stand has been very well received in our community. The community is supportive of our locally grown cut flowers. Many customers even ask for “a la cart” bouquets. We sold out for Mother’s Day 2024! So once again, the flower production is expanding, We are grateful and excited about providing locally grown flowers that have a low CO2 footprint, no pesticide residue and a much longer vase life than imported flowers. 

I love my Heritage Creations flowers! They always last so long. I can get a week and often two weeks out of the bouquet! Fresh flowers brighten my house. They make me smile when I walk in the door!