Heritage Creations

Local Cut Flowers in Indian Trail, NC

Heritage Creations grows fresh flowers on their farm in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Our seasonal mixed bouquets are sold at our farm stand and through subscriptions, and bouquets can be picked up or delivered (for a small fee). 

Subscriptions are available from March through September. 

Farm Stand Location

4409 Hartis Grove Church Rd
Indian Trail NC 28079
Open Saturdays 8–7

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While we are working hard on the flower farm, Gully the donkey just wants someone to play ball with him! 

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Giving this patio set a fresh look with @fusionmineralpaint Coal Black. 

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Outdoor season is here for some and almost here for others! The question I often hear is… 

This video is my answer! Yes it does! 

@fusionmineralpaint uses natural minerals for its pigments instead of cheaper alternatives. Natural minerals means the paint won’t fade. Furthermore, Fusion had an industrial acrylic binder. A paint’s binder is a key ingredient to the paint’s performance. The binder gives the paint its adhesion, washability and, scrub resistance. Fusion’s binder gives it superior adhesion and a waterproof finish after curing.

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Eren (the show horse) needed a friend. We brought in a 2 y/o donkey named Gully. They were both very unsure at the beginning. The unlikely duo have become the best of friends! The best part is that Gully has really brought out Eren’s younger, fun loving side and made him more active in his retirement! Gully is super sweet and fun to have on the farm! I think living amongst the flowers is good for the animals too 😁 Win-win I would say! 

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We are SO very close to our last average frost date. Unfortunately our eucalyptus did not overwinter. Luckily I started new plants and they have been hanging out & growing up in pots. They have been through some cold weather. I think they will be fine if planted out now…. So we did it! Eucalyptus is officially in the ground! 

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